Sunday, 23 June 2013

Greek Day

Today was action-packed, adventure-filled, and the perfect end to a busy weekend. On Friday night after my first week at work, we walked from Vancouver General Hospital down to Stamps Landing, on False Creek, to the Wicklow pub at the marina. Perfection, and on our way, we passed a room full of kittens! I had a very tall and refreshing glass of soda with my new colleagues as the sun finally came out from behind the clouds.

When I got home, I discovered a care package from one of my very best besties in Melbourne (thank you Tess!), which was pretty much the most heartwarming way to end the week.

Matthew and I made a quick turnaround and headed for Martina and Stu's, where we enjoyed an outdoor barbeque in their new backyard to celebrate the longest day of the year. It was also, fyi Southern Hemisphere Dwellers, apparently 'the first day of summer'... um, I have considered it summer since the first of June. My bad. After the sun went down, we took the party inside and even sang some karaoke. I'm afraid one of Martina and Stu's friends was filming us the whole time, so there may be incriminating evidence of our shenanigans on the internet for all we know.

On Saturday morning we had a mega sleep-in (because we didn't crawl in from the party until after 1am). Once we got presentable, we drove to Metrotown (shopping mall so big it constitutes a suburb) to renew Matthew's driver's license. For our pains (and they were great; the line up at the licensing agency is always about 40 people, and snakes out the door and down the mall) we were rewarded with front row view of ... yet another window of kittens! Six perfect gingers.
I could only get four of them in the shot. Pile of ginger kitten! *happiness*

We then went to Gramma's, and the rest is explained in yesterday's post.

Today, Matthew and I made good on our promise to run around our neighbourhood. We ran up Heather St to the BC CHildren's Hospital, and cut down 33rd Avenue to Queen Elizabeth Park (also known as 'Little Mountain'). We jogged half the perimeter of Little Mountain and then continued down Ontario Street until we hit 14th Avenue. We saw three cats and three miniature ponies. It was a good run.

When we got home, we dutifully did some chores and then I went out to book club at Green College at UBC (Katie was hosting). The ladies and I actually did a good job of discussing our pick, The Paris Wife by Paula McLain (creative response to Hemingway's A Moveable Feast, from Hadley Richardson's point of view). I recommend, because there's nothing more satisfying than a well-executed unhappy ending. We were rather over-supplied with strawberries. I think everyone had the same bright idea.

Book club wrapped up at about 5ish, and I squeezed onto the 99 bus (hell) and came home to collect Matthew before marching back to MacDonald St for the Greek Day festival. It had thinned out a bit by the time we got there (6:30ish), for which we were grateful. There was a main stage with Greek dancing, and the dancers were of all ages, but all the boys and men were wearing mustaches, even the children.

Woman on stilts

The Hollywood is only open special occasions: My Big Fat Greek Wedding, obvs.

Balloon artist clown enthralling children (and us, let's be honest)

Greek Dancing!

Lamb. Enough said.

Multiculturalism: Tim Horton's is a Canadian donut chain. It was duly decorated in Greek bunting.

Epic line-up for dinner.

This, and other local Greek stores, is why the street festival was in this neck of the woods. That said, we discovered another Greek festival coming up next week in East Vancouver...

We kept walking until we had tried a little bit of everything:

1. Souvlaki
2. Spanakopita
3. Saganaki
4. Dolmades
5. Baklava

Actually, the baklava we popped in a paper bag and walked home, and as I type this, I am pausing to sticky-finger bits of it. Mmm.

Kali spera!

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